Date: 7/4/18 11:57 am
From: Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Timber BBS, Highlights
David Lantz and I completed the Timber BBS in 4hrs and 19minutes. The
current route is not the original,which still appears on line,on a map
without Hagg Lake. I was most impressed by 2 Varied Thrushes singing at
stop number 21,the jct of Timber Hwy and Wilson River(6)Hwy in Glenwood.
This is hands down the lowest point of the 25 mile,50 stop route. At mile 7
of Beaver Dam Road(7 miles from pavement,Wilson river summit)there was a
mother Sooty Grouse with one partly Downey young. A Male was hooting to the
west . Stop 48,45.56667748N. -123.38961237. The "7"is prominent on a lone
noble fire on the south shoulder. Grouse and quail focus on road shoulders
at this season. There were Gray Jays at both stop 35(45.61448154N,
-123.37750238) and stop41(45.60014098, -123.36887599). The final stop is
734m above sea level, a stunning view thanks to a new clear cut. No Varied
Thrush or Hermit Thrush any place on top. The present route leaves Hwy 6 at
the summit then follows the contour for 8 miles. I'd recommend it for
birding right now, with the humongous caveat that much OHV use and target
practice occurs along the 1st portion of said route. Once deep in the peace
and solitude we found the birds much subdued by an approaching front. The
wind was Beaufort 5 when we finished, and the sky quite dark. Only 3-5 spp
detected per stop on the final 13 points, although I am sure 15 were
present at at each.
A Great Blue Heron was interesting, seen on the wing at stop 47. Tim
Shelmardine saw one in the vicinity a few years ago. There are various tiny
wetlands up there along the summit ridge. They are a distinct rarity ,and
where the rainfall exceeds 100 inches annually. Lars

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