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Subject: Re: [COBOL] [obol] Re: Elk Lake BBS (Deschutes Co.), thanks to Jake Schas
​As the former moderator of COBOL I'll point out:

a) if you have an issue with the moderator discuss it with her/him directly instead of posting to the entire listserve

b) remember that the moderator is a volunteer position; this person is not elected, paid or otherwise compensated; I, for one, appreciate that Tom stepped forward to replace me or COBOL would have gone extinct. Tom was the only person to step up.

c) COBOL was formed because the email lists to contact birders about rare/interesting bird sightings became unwieldy; the purpose of COBOL has remained the same.

d) there ARE other avenues for musing about topics that don't pertain to COBOL.

Cheers and Happy Independence Day!


Dr. Jim Moodie
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Subject: [obol] Re: Elk Lake BBS (Deschutes Co.), thanks to Jake Schas

& Tom Lawler, Listserve Moderator,
I wish I could stop receiving these emails from you !!

My post was a list of birds we saw, 2 days ago!

How can you tell me it is inappropriate for the birding listserve and has nothing to do with birds and doesn’t mention birds?!!!

I posted our bird list and thanked Jake for helping me.

I did nothing inappropriate.

If the rest of our birding community doesn’t want me to post anymore onto listserves, I am open to accepting a group consensus.

Otherwise, I don’t understand how you can be our listserve Moderator and send me emails like this —
& every time I post !

Courtney Kelly Jett, Bend Oregon
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On Jul 4, 2018, at 7:40 AM, Tom Lawler <tjlawler...><mailto:<tjlawler...>> wrote:


I wish I could stop these emails to you about inappropriate posts to COBOL. Your post has nothing to do with recent bird sightings. In fact it does not specifically mention any bird. It gushes over Jake Schas, talks about mice, and mentions another survey you are doing. Please review the COBOL list guidelines (that follow) and attempt to tailor your posts to those guidelines.

Central Oregon Birders Online is a site to report interesting birds that you are observing in the Central Oregon region (typically Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties, but surrounding counties are welcome as well). Resident Central Oregon birders are also welcome to post their interesting birding adventures in other Oregon Counties when it relates to a sponsored event. This could be a Birding Blitz, raptor survey, ECAS trip and so on. To see other regional Oregon listserves visit:

What should be posted on COBOL? Your bird related recent observations of common, uncommon or rare birds in the area. Other subscribers want to know what is being seen in the area; no bird species is too common. Useful tips on identification of bird species is also OK. Please sign your name to your posting so we know who you are. Your email address might give no indication to your real name!

If you have photographs or recordings to share, please post a link to those files on another website rather than post directly to COBOL. Messages have a size limit and some subscribers are on slow connections. Large posts with photos slow down their receiving COBOL messages (and will also get you a warning from the moderator).

Bird viewing related field trips and meetings are also OK to post to COBOL, but please AVOID commercial-based promotions. If you want to post something about a commercial-based event please ask the moderator if it is appropriate It is appropriate to post information about the Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival and other birding festivals taking place in the state of Oregon, capture/release of injured birds and so on.

COBOL is for listing bird sightings, not a soapbox to voice your views on cats, conservation, global climate change, religion, politics, political situations and militia takeovers. There are much better sites online for those topics.



COBOL Administrator

Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble - Roger Tory Peterson

On Jul 3, 2018, at 10:29 PM, Courtney Kelly Jett <ckjannabirds...><mailto:<ckjannabirds...>> wrote:

Monday, July 2, 2018,
successfully completed the Elk Lake Breeding Bird Survey
— with Jake Schas as assistant — Jake driving route and filling out all paperwork for me, and made oatmeal cookies with fruit bits, yay! thanks!

Thanks so much Jake, for volunteering to help me out to run this route, I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) have done it without you.

Hope the “silly mouse” didn’t drive you nuts !!
Mouse squeaking, all our BBS, commenting upon our good working together, (silent only, if I held it by its tail), ate through Jake’s cookie bag!


Looking forward to my final 2018 BBS commitment, Davis Lake BBS, at end of week with Tim Shelmerdine, will be our first time meeting, thank you for helping me! (Also thank you to Evan, who also offered :-) )

May we all continue to enjoy birds this summer,
and good birding companionship,
Courtney Jett, Bend

eBird Checklist Summary for: Jul 2, 2018
Elk Lake BBS route—stops 1-50 (Rd 470, Cascade Lakes Hwy, Rd 40) [with 2010 modifications, stops 1-5]
— route completed in 5 hr 24 min., beginning 4:54am.
(We didn’t do a scouting trip. Some confusion start of route because spots 1-5 were rerouted in 2010.)
“0” mostly sunny clear sky, 47-67-degrees F, with winds 1-3.
Last 15 stops sometimes hearing more winds than birds.
Only a few mosquitos. No snow.

The Elk Lake BBS route tours from north shore of Elk Lake, south to Crane Prairie Reservoir along Cascade Lakes Highway, then east towards Sunriver,
in Deschutes Co.

Number of Species: 47

1 Sooty Grouse --
2 Pied-billed Grebe --
2 Great Blue Heron --
3 Turkey Vulture --
1 Bald Eagle --
1 Spotted Sandpiper --
2 Common Nighthawk --
1 hummingbird sp. --
3 sapsucker sp. --
14 Hairy Woodpecker --
1 Black-backed Woodpecker --
16 Northern Flicker --
20 Olive-sided Flycatcher --
26 Western Wood-Pewee --
2 Willow Flycatcher --
1 Hammond's Flycatcher --
4 Dusky Flycatcher --
2 Hammond's/Dusky Flycatcher --
4 Empidonax sp. --
1 flycatcher sp. (Tyrannidae sp.) --
4 Gray Jay --
8 Steller's Jay --
2 Clark's Nutcracker --
16 Common Raven --
13 Tree Swallow --
126 Mountain Chickadee -- fledglings heard
62 Red-breasted Nuthatch --
1 White-breasted Nuthatch (Interior West) --
2 Pygmy Nuthatch --
5 Brown Creeper --
11 Golden-crowned Kinglet --
6 Mountain Bluebird --
1 Townsend's Solitaire --
44 Hermit Thrush --
25 American Robin --
1 Varied Thrush --
2 Common Yellowthroat --
161 Yellow-rumped Warbler -- all seen, Audubon’s
1 Black-throated Gray/Townsend's Warbler -- prob BTGW song?
1 Townsend's/Hermit Warbler --
25 Chipping Sparrow --
85 Dark-eyed Junco --
3 Green-tailed Towhee --
10 sparrow sp. -- mostly “chuncos”
27 Western Tanager --
1 Red-winged Blackbird --
1 Brown-headed Cowbird --
13 Brewer's Blackbird --
3 Evening Grosbeak --
3 Cassin's Finch --
1 Purple/Cassin's Finch --
5 Red Crossbill --
13 Red Crossbill (Ponderosa Pine or type 2) --
15 Pine Siskin --
5 finch sp. -- mostly “caskins”
62 passerine sp. --

This trip summary was created using the eBird app for iPhone and iPad.
Note: these numbers are Courtney’s eBird reports tallied, and include some encounters between 3-min. counts;
these are NOT official BBS counts.

Courtney Kelly Jett, Bend Oregon
Sent from a phone that is all brevity, no wit
Sent from a phone low on wits, high on bits
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