Date: 7/3/18 5:16 pm
From: Jane Frazier <00000046582e7231-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Out of State Post: Audubon Center MS, plus WY birds

A month ago I had a brief stop at Strawberry Plains Audubon Center, a place I have birded before. It is located in Holly Springs, Mississippi and may be of particular interest to those in the southeast part of the state, since it is only about an hour from Memphis. The center features over 3000 acres of wetlands, native grasslands, and forest, with 15 miles of hiking trails. An 1851 home which we toured is on the property, but you need to make an appointment. They have a website. One feature of the center is several chimney swift towers. In April, I would expect the wetlands to have ample prothonotary warblers. Winter birding would not likely to be too cold. And on another note, on my recent trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Tetons, and Yellowstone I managed to get a few notable birds: Ravens, Magpies. Violet Green Swallows, Osprey, Common Merganser, Wilson's Warbler, Audubon's Yellow Rumped Warbler, White Pelicans, Swainson's Hawk. Mountain Bluebirds. If you go and want to see Mountain Bluebirds, just walk the fence bordering the Elk Refuge (they have a visitor's center) where, for miles, bluebird boxes are on many of the fenceposts, which follow Hwy. 89. And, as I said last year, a great stop is the National Museum of Wildlife Art, also on Hwy 89 in Jackson Hole. River Bluffs Audubon in Jefferson City will resume its meetings on September 13 at 6:00 at Runge Nature Center with a presentation by the wonderful Missouri River Bird Observatory. Happy summer birding!

Jane Frazier
president, RBAS

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