Date: 7/3/18 2:34 pm
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Subject: Re: Cheryl and Norman Lavers' "100 Insects..." book
I actually ordered it from Barnes & Noble...w free delivery    Karen Hart

On 7/3/2018 3:47 PM, kjdillard wrote:
> Where can one purchase the book?
> Karyn Dillard
> New in the neighborhood
> Fayetteville
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> Subject: Re: Cheryl and Norman Lavers' "100 Insects..." book
> Many thanks to you all for such kind words. It makes us so very happy
> to know that people are enjoying the book and putting it to use. Our
> hope is to get people to look more closely at insects because we have
> had (still have) so much pleasure observing and learning about them
> ourselves. All kudos for the writing and humor must go to Norman. I
> was able to supply half the photos, help a bit with editing and do the
> necessary computer stuff (I'm pretty incompetent at it but light-years
> ahead of Norman!), and I made all the p.b. sandwiches for our excursions!
> If anyone feels like doing so then a review of the book on Amazon is
> apparently very helpful. Just don't mention you know us as that
> diminishes the value of the review.
> Thanks again, we really appreciate hearing from you.
> Cheryl (and Norman)
> "Chandelle" Jeff! I am definitely going to remember that word and slip
> it into an insect description some time.
> On Monday, July 2, 2018, 3:58:18 PM CDT, Ann Gordon
> <chesterann...> wrote:
> I second everything that Janine had to say.  I absolutely love this
> book.  It is truly like taking a walk with Norman and Cheryl and I
> heard their voices as I read it.  I purchased a copy for myself and
> another for my great-granddaughter.  Highly recommend!!
> On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 2:49 PM, Janine Perlman <jpandjf...>
> <mailto:<jpandjf...>> wrote:
> This is an overdue post in unreserved praise of a most wonderful
> book, new-products/100-insects-of-
> arkansas-and-the-midsouth- portraits-stories
> <>.
> The two hours it took me to savor it cover to cover were some of
> the most enjoyable and compelling reading I can recall.  For those
> who haven't yet read it, Norman and Cheryl have chosen
> representative species from nine insect orders, and offer
> "portraits and stories" of each.  The portraits are photographic
> and verbal, which, merging with the stories, are riveting
> narratives that variously include habitat, anatomy, life history,
> habits, reproduction, food, behavior, parasites, and defenses
> against predators---a glimpse of each species' niche in the larger
> ecology that is home to all of us.
> Better informed thanks to the book, I'm noticing with new eyes and
> more interest the insects I encounter every day.  The species
> described in "100 Insects..." are generally representative of many
> related ones also found in Arkansas, and I expect to continue to
> regularly use the book as a reference.
> The stories are not merely fascinating and brimming with the
> Laverses' quiet passion for their subjects; they are also peppered
> with sly, gentle, often self-effacing humor.  The reader ends up
> with much affection, gratitude and admiration, for both the
> insects and the authors.
> -Janine

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