Date: 7/3/18 10:39 am
From: Lynn Foster <lfoster5211...>
Subject: Two questions
Dear Birders,

There's a bird outside my window that looks like a grackle, except its
feathers are all a completely uniform flat dark brown, with not the
slightest bit of iridescence. It has black eyes. I am assuming it is a
juvenile, but I've looked at pictures and it looks a little different. It
appears by itself, and not with other grackles. It has a grackle-type bill
and is definitely not a cowbird. Is it a juvenile grackle? It is about the
same size as a grackle, maybe a tiny bit smaller.

The grackles and bluejays in my yard perch for long periods of time with
their mouths open, these days. Is this a cooling mechanism?

Thanks in advance, and I love this listserv.

Lynn Foster
NW of Pinnacle Mtn

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