Date: 7/2/18 4:32 pm
From: Sally Hill <1sallyhill.9...>
Subject: [obol] Shorebirds Fern Ridge- Lane County
I went out to Fern Ridge this afternoon and ended up walking the big loop south of the platform and along the western edge of Barn and Redhead Ponds.

I was not expecting to find any shorebirds but they are showing up. Mud is starting to form along the south east corner of Pond #5 ( east of platform ) and along the eastern edge. Most of the shorebirds were out on Pelican Island and on the southeastern corner of pond #5.

Least 60
Western 49
Peep species 50
Greater Yellowlegs- 30-40
Spotted Sp- 2
Black Bellied Plover-1 Pelican Island
A Forster’s Tern was out on Pelican Island. One had been reported previously in the area earlier in the spring.

Good Birding!
Sally Hill

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