Date: 7/2/18 2:19 pm
From: Jane Stein <jeshawks...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] hawk in the barn
Great story! Thanks for sharing it. Sharpie not as smart as he thought
he was, I guess. He lived a long time for a Sharp-Shin, but captured 3
times in one summer at the same lunch bar, and then self-destructing on
a barn window! (I read somewhere that an analysis of recovered Cooper's
corpses turned up a very high percentage with healed or healing
fractures in the chest bones!)

I was lucky to assist a raptor bander friend of mine for a couple days
at Cape May one early fall some years ago, but just my luck, they were
pretty slow days and we didn't catch much.

But as we were hunkered down in the blind, two big immature female
Cooper's Hawks dropped out of the sky onto the bal chatri, landing
simultaneously and nose to nose. Laughing uncontrollably, we raced out
to the bal chatri as the two birds started to whack each other with
their beaks, and got their feet even more tangled up in the loops.

No harm done to us or the birds. We untangled their feet carefully,
took them into the blind and banded them one by one, then sent them on
their way, still chuckling at the little drama.

On 7/2/2018 4:32 PM, anneboby wrote:
> Not a Sharpie/Swallow barn story, but a Sharpie/House Sparrow barn story of considerable intrigue involving a Kentucky Derby winning horse.
> On 5/3/98 at my Adirondack camp at Jenny Lake near Corinth in Saratoga Co, NY, I banded an after-second-year male Sharpie which I recaptured three times that Summer on 6/27, 7/24 and 9/12, most likely a local breeder that liked the birds using my feeders. Five years later this Sharpie chased a House Sparrow into a barn and next morning, 3/23/03, after roosting in the barn flew into a window killing itself in an attempt to vacate the barn.
> This barn was one of many on the McMahon Thoroughbred Farm near Saratoga Springs, NY which on 4/20/2000 happened to foal a horse named Funny Cide, sold as a 2-yr-old for $75,000, which went on to win the 2003 Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, came in 3rd in a sloppy wet Belmont, and failed to return to Saratoga for the Travers in Aug due to illness.
> If you are a horse fan and want more info on Funny Cide (an extraordinary story), check him out on Wikipedia. As a bird fan, you never know what happens when a Sharpie chases a bird into your barn.
> Bob Yunick
> Schenectady, NY
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> From: Janet Warren <jwarren...>
> Sent: Fri, Jun 29, 2018 10:21 am
> Subject: [VTBIRD] hawk in the barn
> Does anyone who has swallows in their barn have any experience with hawks (sharp shinned) following swallows into the barn? Our swallows have fledged their first broods and there has been a lot of hawk mobbing outside of the barn, I assume because the new swallows are more vulnerable to hawk attack, but the hawk has followed them into the barn twice. It didn’t catch one, but will eggs and nestlings of the second broods be in danger? I thought of closing the windows some more, but worry that the swallows are so used to the opening that they might run into the window. The poor things had already had the worry of a family of grey foxes living under the barn for a few weeks. (They couldn’t get inside)
> Janet Warren
> Cornwall
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