Date: 7/2/18 12:45 pm
From: spbroker via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Connecticut Bird Atlas Off to a Good Start . . .
. . . But there’s much work yet to do.

Over the last four days (of hot weather, even on Cape Cod) I’ve done a run through of all 605 Connecticut Bird Atlas Blocks to get a rough idea of the extent of data being reported. Block results are updated on a fairly regular basis, so the numbers are fluid, but here’s what I’ve found in this initial pass through the CT Bird Atlas website. Keep in mind that breeding codes have been submitted for just the last three months - April, May, and June. Summary - we’re off to an excellent start.

June was a great month for collecting evidence of breeding, as many bird species have exhibited signs of Probable breeding (multiple singing males; pairs; territorial behavior; courtship) and Confirmed breeding (carrying nest material; nest building; fledged young; adults carrying food; feeding young; nest with eggs; nest with young).

The many block adopters who have spent hours in the field have been rewarded with a wealth of information for the breeding component of the Atlas. Those block adopters who have yet to start their field observations have another two prime months to add breeding data to the Atlas project. I’ve spoken with a number of birders who are having the best time visiting their blocks, slowing down, observing bird behavior - and recording valuable information in the process.

By the Numbers:

605 - total atlas blocks for which breeding records are sought

452 - assigned blocks (75%)

153 - OPEN blocks (25%)

189 - number of atlas blocks for which there have been no data submitted (31%)

69 - number of atlas blocks with just 3, 2, or 1 species submitted (11%)

258 - number of atlas blocks with no coverage or minimal coverage (42%)

32 - atlas blocks largely in New York, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island and with minimal Connecticut land to survey

157 - complete or nearly complete atlas blocks with no data (26%)

158 - atlas blocks reporting 30 or more species to date (26%)

56 - atlas blocks with 30-39 species reported

36 - atlas blocks with 40-49 species reported

34 - atlas blocks with 50-59 species reported

23 - atlas blocks with 60-69 species reported

7 - atlas blocks with 70-79 species reported

2 - atlas blocks with 80+ species reported

60 - atlas blocks with 1-9 species Confirmed breeders

53 - atlas blocks with 10-19 species Confirmed breeders

28 - atlas blocks with 20-29 species Conformed breeders

5 - atlas blocks with 30-39 species Confirmed breeders

1 - atlas block with 40-49 species Confirmed breeders

1 - atlas block with 50+ species Confirmed breeders

Steve Broker
(Currently enjoying Wellfleet, but anxious to resume CT Atlasing)

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