Date: 7/2/18 8:28 am
From: m b via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] drones are a bird list issue
Setting aside the territorial impact drones have on many birds, with the most famous instance recently being a hawk videoed enthusiastically attacking a drone in its space,(hawk won) there are other already demonstrated impacts.

Such as:

"A recent observation of a drone deployed to 20m altitude for recreational photography on the beach in Maputo scaring Whimbrel up to 400m away, suggests that some birds may be very sensitive to drones. "

And this is before there has even been time to do extensive studies on the matter.

Of course, there are also the impacts on birders. I have had a couple of teenagers hover a drone right above my head on the shores of Lake Michigan as I was observing redheads migrating in spring. Luckily I had a tripod and was able to smack that drone right out of my airspace. And call the cops, as I knew that drones were not allowed there.

Personally, I would like to see drones and the lovely people who fly them anywhere but their own backyard banned to an inner circle of hell for eternity. I would make exceptions for scientists using them to access remote areas for conservation purposes without damaging the fragile areas by walking in them. Business, greed, selfishness, and money always winning, plus hell having someone other than myself in charge, if it exists, I doubt that will happen.

But the idea that is somehow antithetical to the subject matter to post locations where drones are and are not legally allowed in regularly birded areas on a list dedicated to bird information is incorrect. It is absolutely on point.

Thanks to those who posted with this most necessary information. Now we know when we can and should call for enforcement and when and where we can't.

mb from nova
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