Date: 7/2/18 8:28 am
From: Lars Per Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Timber BBS Request for Assistance
Back in May someone contacted me, hoping to participate in the Timber BBS. It may have been David Lantz. There was considerable delay in getting the packet, but I am now ready to go. Rather than scroll back through my mail and find the party in question I’m throwing this out for general consumption. The route starts at mp 37 on Hwy 26, 35 miles nw of downtown Portland. Proceeds south on Timber Hwy to Glenwood, west on Hwy 6 to the Wilson River Summit, then southeasterly on Beaver Dam/Scoggins Creek/Scoggins Valley Road to a spot a little short of Hagg Lake. I’ll probably do it July 4th as traffic will be very light at 5-6-7am, and much of the route is heavily travelled by motor vehicles. I have extensive experience with BBSs, having done my first (Adair) at the age of 14. But I need moral support for this one. Stop 15 is 3 air miles from my house. It will be a real job, verging on drudgery, after the wild mad thrills of two Oregon 2020 Blitzes in the month of June. If the origina
l inquirer isn’t free, other helpers are heartily welcome. It will necessitate meeting at milepost 47 of Hwy 26 around 4:30 am. Lars

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