Date: 7/2/18 7:05 am
From: Aidan Place <aidanjplace...>
Subject: Belated Report-- Sewickley and Imperial Area, Allegheny County
Good morning,

This is a very belated report, but this past Tuesday I made use of my
second day in the US after having moved back to Pittsburgh from Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina to go birding with Jack Chaillet and Sameer Apte in
Sewickley and the Imperial Area.

Sewickley Heights Park and the surrounding areas of the Little Sewickley
Creek held all the usual breeding species (with the exception of Kentucky
warbler which are not present this year to the best of my knowledge) such
Cerulean Warbler
Hooded Warbler
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Louisiana Waterthrush

At Snead's (sic?) we also located Eastern Red-backed, Northern Two-lined,
and Jefferson Salamanders.

Imperial has gotten *vastly* more developed since I was last in Pittsburgh,
but held some decent birding none-the-less.
At the main pond and King Road area we had:
Spotted Sandpiper
Killdeer Fledglings
Yellow-breasted Chat
Grasshopper Sparrow
Savanah Sparrow
Orchard Oriole
Prairie Warbler

Chapman-Westport's efforts to develop the entire area have been sad to
watch but, for the time being, have produced some interesting habitat along
King Road which is supporting Chats as well as a large number of
Grasshopper Sparrows and what feels like thousands of Indigo Buntings.
The Blue Grosbeaks found earlier this season do not appear to be still
present here, apparently having dispersed after they completed breeding.

At a small wetland area on Burgettstown Road we had a singing Swamp Sparrow.

Unfortunately, at Solar Drive, we found the grasslands being torn up by
earthmovers and bulldozers with seemingly most of the areas historically
holding Willow Flycatcher and Bobolink already having been plowed over.

We had no Henslow's Sparrows at West Imperial Grassland, but a singing
Eastern Meadowlark was nice.

Overall, I had 45 county yearbirds over the course of the day; it's good to
be back!

Good birding,
Aidan Place
Allegheny County (again)
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