Date: 7/2/18 5:23 am
From: Mark Scheuerman <mark.scheuerman...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Red Phase E. Screech Owl??
I think I heard that the McCall's ssp. of West and Southern Texas does not
have a red morph? But the comments from BNA Online may contradict that.
Birds Of North America Online writes about color morphs:
"Rufous and gray color-morphs vary nonclinally. Rangewide, 36% of birds are
rufous, but populations at mid-latitudes from Arkansas east toGeorgia and,
east of Appalachian Mountains, north to coastal New York, are 56–72%
rufous. Elsewhere, < 55% of birds are rufous (see Owen 1963a), and at the
western edge of range, < 15% are rufous. No rufous morph owls are known
from San Antonio, Texas, south to the Rio Grande valley, although 5–8% of
screech-owls in central Texas are rufous. Rufous birds supposedly reoccur
(percent unknown) southward in Mexico, in a form with different
vocalizations (Marshall 1967)."

Interesting thread,
Mark Scheuerman
Sugar Land TX

On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 12:13 PM Gary Roberts <sgricr76...> wrote:

> Last night, while watching TV, a large bird flew into the patio glass
> door. It fell to the patio and I went to see if I could revive it--or keep
> it for a specimen for someone's lab. When I tried to pick it up, it revived
> and flew away. It was a Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl!
> In all the years of birding, leading tours at Bentsen Rio Grande for ten
> years and living here in Texas, I had never seen anything but Grey Phase E.
> Screech Owls.
> Is this a rare sighting only for me, or are they common?
> Never Before,
> S. Gary & "Gene" Roberts
> Austin, Texas

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