Date: 7/1/18 6:37 pm
From: Carol Joan Patterson <0000003a0ccbe138-dmarc-request...>
Subject: wrens and chipmunks
Carolina Wrens have a nest in a small rectangular opening around 6 feet off ground.  Only a corner of the nest is visible.  I've seen parents bring food to the nest.  Today one parent perched on a thick wire slanting from a post towards the ground.  He was about 4 feet from the nest and about 1 foot higher.  He called repeatedly a percussive chipping call.  Was he trying to entice young from the nest?  He had a winged insect, maybe a moth or a skipper, in his beak.  Eventually he flew to the nest and presumably fed the young.  I've seen both parents today, forging or calling in the vicinity. 

Under the feeders there was an interesting mammal interaction earlier in the week.  A female or half-grown rabbit, 2 squirrels and a chipmunk were eating scratch (a mix of seeds given chickens).  I went to the garden, several yards beyond the feeders and surrounded by a wire fence.  Earlier, somebody had nipped off some cantaloupe leaves.  We thought possibly a young rabbit was to blame.  This time I saw a chipmunk.  I wondered if it had been the one under the feeder.  After returning inside, from the window I saw one chipmunk eating scratch.  Another wandered closer and closer.  When it reached the first, that one suddenly attacked. They went round and round, whirling in a circle, seeming not even to touch the ground.  The intruder soon retreated.  Some time afterwords the aggressive chipmunk charged the rabbit, who had been quietly eating.  The chipmunk either nipped or bumped the rabbit who, startled, retreated a few short hops.  The chipmunk began to eat.  The rabbit approached and gently touched the chipmunk with its nose.  The chipmunk started and moved a few feet away.  I speculate, having seen similar behavior in cats, that the chipmunk, being riled, attacked an unintended by-stander.  Not much later, the second chipmunk returned and wandered close to the first, who rebuffed it.  Today I saw only one chipmunk.
There has also been a deer showing up from time to time.  It's been eating leaves of wild grape, and also drinking water from the bird baths.
Enjoy the summer!Joanie

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