Date: 7/1/18 6:20 pm
From: <jmeredit...>
Subject: [COBOL] Notables from Hatfield and Tumalo Res this pm
Tumalo Reservoir
It is pretty shallow and good for shorebirds, now they just need to
Nesting Spotted Sandpipers had 2 fluffy young with them.
5 Greater Yellowlegs stood in the water for a long time, in a close
group. Far south end.
20 or so Bank Swallows were nice, mostly on the ground around the
Lots of garter snakes on the wet mud.

First pond only.
Westerns and Leasts, total 15 birds.
No Yellowlegs today.
Had 18 Pinyon Jays flying around loosely and calling around the
entrance. Perhaps they are getting into their noisier and bigger flocks
that seem to appear later in the summer.
3 Tundra Swans continue.

Good birding, Judy, <jmeredit...>
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