Date: 7/1/18 10:49 am
From: Neil Bjorklund <nbjorklund...>
Subject: [obol] Jenny Creek Mystery Bird
While chasing butterflies along Jenny Creek in the Casdade-Siskiyou NM this past Thursday, I was stumped by a passerine that I got a very good look at from about 20 yds. It was perched in the willows along the creek. It bore a lot of resemblance to a female Lazuli Bunting but was plainer overall. The real puzzler was a single, distinct, grayish white (definitely not buffy) wing bar that was wider than what I would expect on a Lazuli and I saw no sign of the expected second narrower wing bar above it. The wing was otherwise drab gray. As was the head. Belly white or off-white. The morning light was very good and the buffy wash on the breast had a pinkish tinge. Sitting there perched it seemed rather plump, and bigger than a Lazuli. Probably a puffed up Lazuli or a juvie of some other common species, just not familiar to me. Any other possibilities I should ponder?


Neil Bjorklund
Eugene, OR

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