Date: 7/1/18 10:15 am
From: Frank Vanslager via Groups.Io <Vanslagerf=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Some Early Birding at Alviso on 7/1/18


At about 7:30 I'd walked out on the boardwalk at Alviso Marina and, on my way back, I suddenly realized that I was hearing the kee-kee-ker song of the Black Rail. It continued for at least 10 minutes (I left), from a spot in the reeds just east of the start of the boardwalk. Pete Dunne's Field Guide Companion says, "Contrary to popular belief, forages mostly during daylight hours ... but birds may also vocalize during daylight (often persistently)."

From Mike Mammoser's recent post, I stopped at Michigan and Spreckles where I saw 2 Snowy Plovers. The closer female was possibly sitting on a nest.

On my way home I stopped briefly at the Sunnyvale WPCP where I saw 6 White-tailed Kites in a distant tree; I could see at least four red-breasted immature birds.

Frank Vanslager

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