Date: 7/1/18 9:38 am
From: Daniel Scheiman <birddan...>
Subject: eBird: Swallow-tailed Kites
Those of you who get eBird rare bird alerts have seen the two recent
Swallow-tailed Kite submissions. One at White River NWR, the other from
Russellville. The first is interesting because there hasnąt been a breeding
season report from the refuge for 10 years according to eBird. The other is
exceptional because there are no previous breeding season reports for the
central part of the state. This should not be a hard bird to mis-ID, though
that doesnąt necessarily make these sightings correct. I have reached out to
both observers. In any case, keep your eyes open as this species may already
be on the move; could be birds trying to find their own breeding territory.

Dan Scheiman
eBird Reviewer
Little Rock, AR

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