Date: 7/1/18 7:33 am
From: Sally Nelson <snelson4242...>
Subject: [obol] Finally! Warblers (anecdote)

After merely hearing Black-Throated Gray Warblers twice here during
migration this spring (compared to almost 700 April-June sight/sound
database records for our place since 1995), yesterday a presumed
post-breeding dispersal arrived.

Males, females, immatures all over the hill, along the creek, singing,
chasing, carrying on in normal numbers and style.

The bonus warbler was a female/young Hermit Warbler perched in a creek-side
hazel bush after its morning dip.

This year's breeders here (credit where it's due) also appeared or sang:
MacGillivray's, Yellow-Rumps, Orange-Crowns.

Nothing to chase: just wanted to share.

Sally Nelson
Creswell (SW of Eugene at edge of Coast Range)

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