Date: 7/1/18 5:55 am
From: Joseph C. Neal <joeneal...>
Subject: Purple Martins at Nieting place in Fort Smith know shade is good for them!
Following is summarized from an email:

Purple Martins at Jim Nieting place in Fort Smith seems to have had a pretty decent year, though overall fewer birds than last year and a lot of small broods. 12 of the 16 gourds had nests and all of them fledged. There were 14 nests (of 24 possible) in metal house; 6 to finish fledgling as of June 29. In the late morning many of the young move out onto the porch to escape the heat. They work their way around the house as the day goes on to stay in the shade. As the parents approach they seem to be able to pick each other out for a feeding and all seem to get to their respective nest for alerts or in the evening.

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