Date: 6/30/18 4:38 pm
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: July eBird Challenge
Hello PA Birders:

July’s eBird challenge is to submit 31 complete checklists. We are being
challenged to help overcome the deficit of bird sightings that normally
occur in July and to also help document post breeding dispersal. Species
that are habitat specific during the breeding season become more
generalist as they move out. The indigo bunting is a good example and is
described in more detail on the web site. The folks at eBird are
striving to document subtle bird movements in July.

If you are attempting to meet this year’s Checklist a Day Challenge you
should have submitted 181 checklists by now.

Qualified eBird checklists must have counts only and no ‘X’s. I have be
reviewing the raw data from the Migration Count on May 12. Surprisingly
for a count, there were at least two checklists with ‘X’s. eBird would
rather have a rough estimate than record an X. Take a moment to give a
best guess especially when there are under 25 birds. For larger groups
try to count by a convenient group size of 10, 25, 50, 100 or more.

Chuck Berthoud

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