Date: 6/30/18 2:12 pm
From: Evelyn Nathan <evynathan...>
Subject: [NHBirds] unidentified rail in a Kingston marsh
I’ll add part of a message I sent to friend Scott Heron earlier:
FINALLY after ten years of kayaking there (to a particular inaccessible marsh) I heard and saw a rail! I assumed it was a sora because you’ve seen one in Kingston. (then I sent Scott a sound clip that he described as a kek)

me: I think it’s a little more of a nasal kew than a kek. It was definitely distinctive and stopped my paddle in mid-air. All I could think of was everyone who's ever told me "you'll hear it before you see it." Then I watched and saw a rail like bird traveling quickly over lily pads into the reeds, (just an obstructed glimpse) nosed in and saw it between the reeds with binocs. All I really saw clearly was the tipped-up blunt tail with a light edge which could be any rail. My vague impression was that it seemed a bit light-colored for a sora. I just wish it had reappeared. It moved on into more dense rushes, then I didn’t hear it any more. Try these two similar sounds on AAB:
Sora: “Alberta" call
Virginia rail: NY calls
I sent Scott a second sound clip. If anyone would like to listen to the sound clips and give their opinion, please email me.

Evy Nathan

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