Date: 6/30/18 9:53 am
From: David Sarkozi <david...>
Subject: [texbirds] BBS Lance Rosier Big Thicket Unit (Hardin County)
I ran my BBS route just in the nick of time yesterday. This route bears the
name of the Lance Rosier Unit but doesn't actually enter the unit, its
starts at the entrance sign. I had 48 species in total. 290 vehicles passed
me (5.8 per stop) all but 2 stops are on TX770 and TX326.

It got hot fast, It broke 90 degrees by 8:30 am and finished at 95. The
heat, traffic, and development made for low numbers on the last 10 stops.

Nothing terribly surprising other than I has to write in 5 species,
White-winged Dove (inevitable no doubt), Eastern Wood-Pewee, Gray Catbird
(at 3 stops), Red-winged Blackbird, and Louisiana Waterthrush. My guess is
running it at this late date accounts for the numbers of write ins.

David Sarkozi
Houston, TX
(713) 412-4409 twitter ID dsarkozi

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