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Tom and Jack,

I just signed up (the Slack site for Oregon birders). Looks useful, but I agree that depends on getting more of us Oregon birders and birder wanna-be’s to sign up. I like that it’s smooth to use and ad-free. I just posted the following, which I’ll post to OBOL too:

I welcome anyone to join me this Monday and Tuesday (6/30-31) as I bird south from Estacada to Breitenbush, following Clackamas Highway and Route 46 (Skyline Drive) through the Cascade foothills. I will mainly be stopping to do 5-minute auditory point counts, so if you'd like to learn or practice birdsong recognition, this is a good opportunity, but if you want to photograph or watch birds at leisure, probably not. I'm doing this as a volunteer for the Oregon 2020 Project. From where I live in Corvallis, I will drive to Estacada tomorrow (Sunday afternoon) and stay in a motel there so I can awake at 4 a.m. and start birding a few miles from there. Monday night I will camp somewhere closer to Breitenbush and awake 4 a.m. Tuesday to continue counting birds at stops along the way south. Tuesday afternoon I'll return to Corvallis. If you live in Corvallis or Salem, you may ride with me. If closer to Portland, we can meet up in Estacada and you'll follow in your own vehicle, which gives you the option of just doing this for one day if you want. In either case, you're responsible for getting your own motel room (if staying in Estacada Sunday night) and bringing your own camping gear for Tuesday night, as well as meals and something to do in the afternoons when we’ll take a break from the birding. If interested please email me (and/or send a message via Slack) today.

Paul Adamus


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I just want to chime in and say that I’ve been using this Slack app that Tom speaks of since he last mentioned it. It’s pretty terrific and easy to use. All it lacks are some more users.

It’s not a replacement for OBOL but a nice addition. I like it for side conversations, discussions and observations that may not meet my threshold for something I need to drop into 1400 people’s email boxes.

Hope to see more of you there!

Jack Maynard


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Paul Adamus, Peter Barnes, Katie McInnis, and OBOL community,

In response to how can we better organize as a community and from a purely collaborative and social perspective, I believe I have a solution for us. As previously mentioned here, and using a relatively new collaboration tool called Slack, I created a workspace for Oregon Birders.

The web address is:

You can use this link to signup:

Getting started video here:

Not only do they have a website but they also have apps for all devices including desktop apps for Mac’s & PC’s as well as mobile apps for iphones, ipads, and android devices.

I’ve setup some default Channels such as #birdingbuddy where you can communicate with anyone or you can always send direct messages to individuals, your call.

I can go on about features and endless ideas on how we could use this as a community but would encourage you to give it a try. It is free.



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