Date: 6/29/18 7:03 pm
From: DAVID KOCH <davilene...>
Subject: Cuckoos, etc., Koch property, Northampton County
For the last several weeks at times I've been hearing both a black-billed and a yellow-billed cuckoo somewhere near or in the yard . However, I never was able to locate either of them, which I know isn't unusual. But tonight around 6 I took my husband (recuperating from surgery) around the fields and he told me to stop next to a small silky dogwood tree at the edge of a bottom field. In it were several small tent caterpillar nests and feasting on the larvae in one nest just about 4 feet away  from the car was a yellow-billed cuckoo. It paid us no mind, and was still eating when I drove away. A big mulberry tree in the yard is constantly bringing in all kinds of birds, including, among the more common species, both oriole species, eastern kingbirds, willow flycatcher, waxwings, scarlet tanager, and of course rose-breasted grosbeaks. They're still at the feeders in multiples daily. And female hummingbirds are beginning to show up at opening monarda blossoms just like they do every year at this time.  
Arlene Koch Easton, PA Northampton County <davilene...>
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