Date: 6/29/18 10:10 am
From: <adamus7...>
Subject: [obol] How should birders organize: Finding birding buddies
Birding Friends,

Two aspects of the recent OBOL discussion centered on (1) how to encourage
and support more young (and/or new) birders, (2) how to strengthen the sense
of "community" among Oregon birders.

As Courtney Jett posted yesterday when describing the BBS route she and I
ran, one way to encourage new-ish birders is by more-established birders
volunteering to help simply with logistics and protocols. In her case, she
needed someone to accompany her when doing BBS routes this time of year.
There may be other young/new birders like her. I actually found her to be
mostly better than me in calling out species of birds and separating singing
individuals when a multitude are singing simultaneously at the height of the
early-morning din. Amazing for someone who just started birding a few years
ago and besides, she is congenial company and enthusiastic about birding.

Some birders like to bird alone, some prefer to bird with one or two other
birders, others prefer to participate in or lead organized tours. Many of
us do a little of each, depending on how sociable we feel at the moment, how
much we want to learn from others, what are our birding goals (if any), and
other factors. I sense a need for better ways for birders to ask, on an
impromptu basis, who's available to go birding with. A couple of times in
the past I've done that via OBOL because so many birders read it daily,
allowing for quick response if anyone's interested in joining up with me.
But it felt a bit awkward because I view OBOL as being more for
information-sharing. Might OBA (or other) create a website where someone
looking for a birding buddy on a particular day in a particular region could
ask, perhaps anonymously, and then be connected immediately with experienced
birders who've been favorably reviewed in the past, sort of like an Air B&B?
I know there's an international web site for that sort of thing
( <> ) but not sure it would fit
all our needs, like the situation Courtney faced where she just needed an
assistant willing to do a BBS route with her. Anyways, it might be one
small step towards further enhancing the connections and sense of community
among Oregon birders, and especially between newer and more-established
birders. Ideas, anyone?

Paul Adamus


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