Date: 6/29/18 5:40 am
From: Janet Warren <jwarren...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] hawk in the barn
Does anyone who has swallows in their barn have any experience with hawks (sharp shinned) following swallows into the barn? Our swallows have fledged their first broods and there has been a lot of hawk mobbing outside of the barn, I assume because the new swallows are more vulnerable to hawk attack, but the hawk has followed them into the barn twice. It didn’t catch one, but will eggs and nestlings of the second broods be in danger? I thought of closing the windows some more, but worry that the swallows are so used to the opening that they might run into the window. The poor things had already had the worry of a family of grey foxes living under the barn for a few weeks. (They couldn’t get inside)

Janet Warren
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