Date: 6/28/18 11:21 pm
From: Robert Paxton <rop1...>
Subject: Re: [nysbirds-l] Roseate Tern Banding and Aging Follow Up
More Roseate Terns than usual are being reported this summer at Breezy
Point, Nickerson Beach etc. Some observers may not be aware that Roseate
Terns have traditionally bred widely (though sparingly) along the south
shore of Long Island. The only big colony is on Great Gull Island, off the
east end (1600 chicks were banded there in summer 2017 by Helen Hays'
team). The next biggest colony used to be several hundred pairs at Cedar
Beach, but that colony was spooked by a fox a decade or so ago and has not
reformed. Since then, there are at best only a very few small colonies at
places like islands in Shinnecock Inlet. Maybe there's an upswing this
year, but Roseate Terns are not unexpected as a breeding species in small
numbers anywhere on the south shore. Knowledge of current breeding
locations is poor, so if anyone finds breeding activity this summer that
information (maybe not announced for a month or so to avoid disturbance)
would help conservation efforts. We are at their southern limit (they
don't breed at all in New Jersey).
Bob Paxton

On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 1:30 AM, Long Island Birding <michaelzito...>

> Thanks for the update Steve, of note a few days ago I observed two of the
> roseates at Nickerson displaying courtship behavior. I tried to get it on
> video, but they stopped before I could start filming. Maybe some are
> breeding? Or practice? Also of note, some birders observed last year there
> was a roseate that bred with a common tern but the nest was unsuccessful.
> Thoughts anyone?
> Mike Z.
> On Tue, Jun 26, 2018, 7:19 PM Steve Walter <swalter15...> wrote:
>> After submitting last week’s Nickerson Beach Roseate Tern bands, I got
>> back the official information today. There’s a correction to the
>> preliminary info. It turns out both birds were banded as chicks two years
>> ago. So that “second summer type” bird (Y11) is indeed two years old, not
>> three as previously reported. In fact, the actual banding date was June 26,
>> 2016 – two years ago today. So I thought it was important to pass that
>> along. With all the people now studying terns, I don’t want misleading
>> information out there.
>> Not that there can’t be older birds with incomplete adult plumage, but
>> I’m getting the sense that it’s more likely to find two year old birds in
>> full adult plumage (but not breeding yet). I say this because today there
>> were two more adult birds, again with blue bands (J03 and J76). Since this
>> is the first year that I’m seeing these kinds of bands, I’m going to assume
>> – until I definitively find out otherwise – that such banding began two
>> years ago. So I’m assuming today’s birds are two year olds that are roaming
>> around (as opposed to birds that should be on the breeding grounds,
>> providing new chicks for blue bands to be placed on).
>> There was also a “second summer type” plumaged Roseate, with more
>> extensive white on the forehead than Y11. At first I thought of the
>> possibility of a first summer type. But a closer look at the rest of the
>> bird dissuaded me on that. This one is not banded, so I won’t know for sure
>> from banding data. But I will get to enjoy untainted pictures of a
>> different looking Roseate than I’ve gotten before. I’ve added one picture
>> to the bottom of my Recent Work page, along with the 5 Common Eiders that I
>> think were previously reported. No picture of the male Surf Scoter or the
>> Bottle-nosed Dolphins (even though I think I actually got enough of one to
>> get its eye out of the water).
>> Steve Walter
>> Bayside, NY
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