Date: 6/28/18 1:00 pm
From: Sally Nelson <snelson4242...>
Subject: [obol] Western Kingbird fledglings
‚ÄčA family with 2 adults and at least 4 fledglings was beside the section of
our long driveway that runs through grassy/weedy fields this morning early.

The young were smaller and paler than adults, perched somewhat crouched
forward, and liked to cuddle next to a sib or adult, all the while making
squeaky begging cries (when not actually having an insect crammed into
their gaping beaks). They flew adequately, but I conclude have not been
long out of nest.

Last time there was a family group here (5 birds) was 2008. Always

Sally Nelson
Creswell (s. of Eugene), OR

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