Date: 6/28/18 12:48 pm
From: <mitch...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Red Phase E. Screech Owl?? - phase vs. morph

Hi all,

Different folks have different takes on it, but the one I liked
best was that a phase is or can be temporary, a morph is permanent.
Is it a color phase it is going through? Or is it a permanent
condition? Phase was (is?) for a long time the more often used
way of describing these things. It seems less correct though.
It is not a temporal thing. So they should be considered morphs.

My 2 centavos, YMMV.

Mitch Heindel

> On a side note (and this is definitely going down a rabbit hole, so
> feel free to ignore if it doesn’t interest you), I have always used
> the word “morph” when describing these color variations, but I
> know many use the term “phase” or “form”. I tried looking into
> it to see if one was more proper or preferred, but it appears to be
> more controversial than I thought! Does anybody here have thoughts on
> this?
> Kendra Kocab, Naturalist

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