Date: 6/28/18 3:53 am
From: Rich Rehrig <000000fa147293ff-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Update with Video of Spotted Towhee Vocalization - BSP CarbonCounty
One of the things I love about birding is that I continue to discover and learn new things about even the most common species found right in my ‘backyard’ so to speak. I thank everyone for their PABIRD posts and the emails and texts I’ve received about their thoughts and experiences with similar sightings.

I have entered this fascinating bird as an Eastern Towhee in my eBird checklist, but still wonder if it could be a hybrid, or at last a bird that spent some time with Spotted Towhees learning their songs. I don’t have any recordings yet, but we have heard this bird do other Spotted calls, not just the Chup Chupa Zeeee. I hope those interested get a chance to hear this bird vocalize for themselves. We saw it chasing another Towhee, so it appears it wants to stay and perhaps has a mate.

I will continue to check the area and submit checklists with updates on this bird.

Rich Rehrig
Palmerton, PA

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