Date: 6/27/18 10:07 pm
From: Charles Lyon <lyon5516...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Masked Duck 6-27-18
Well….who would think that Paul Dickson would find a MASKED DUCK less than four miles from my home on his Leonard Road
property in a patch of alligator weed. Such is the benefit of an invasive exotic species I guess, and thanks Paul for thinking “outside the box”.
Paul called me yesterday morning just after he found the bird, and because of my work schedule, I couldn’t get out until until that evening. We saw
the bird briefly, but I couldn’t get photos, so I came back this evening after another day of too much work. The bird finally presented itself after 8 pm
at about 100 yards distance so the photo quality is limited. I did manage to get multiple photos of multiple angles and some open wing shots, as well
as couple of direct comparison shots with a female Ruddy Duck. This should serve as some assistance in aiding those who are interested in seeing
the bird, thus giving a better idea as to what to look for. I thought the “summer doldrums” would be a safe time to increase my work schedule, but after
seeing the female Goldeneye last week, and the Masked Duck this week, I will now need to readjust my schedule. Fall migration is about to kick in
anyway. The link to the eBird report with embedded photos is below. Jabiru anyone??

Charlie Lyon
(Now in Shreveport and afraid to leave town)
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