Date: 6/27/18 11:51 am
From: Paul Dickson <Paul...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Masked Duck
The location is fine to mention and known by area birders. It is my former “deer farm” on Leonard Road just south of Shreveport.
The next group viewing is tomorrow at 6PM. There will be some traveling listers driving in tomorrow and also for either Saturday or Sunday morning.
I will post the weekend times here when I get enough requests.

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Subject: Masked Duck

I was able to see the Masked Duck reported yesterday by Paul Dickson who graciously directed me to the location this morning. The Masked Duck was in the company of a Ruddy Duck for good comparison. I could not make clear images with my camera because of the distances involved. My ebird report link is included below. I do not provide a precise location to ensure Mr. Dickson's privacy. Whenever the "powers that be" decide how to report the location, I'll change my location from Caddo Parish.

Jay Huner<>
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