Date: 6/27/18 6:07 am
From: Barber, Patricia <patbarber...>
Subject: Eagle Nest Survey - data entry requested
The successful recovery of bald eagles is a direct result of the support of the public, demonstrating they value the birds and society's willingness to make the changes necessary to protect them. In recognition of their recovery, Bald eagles were delisted in Pennsylvania in 2014. Since then eagle numbers have continued to grow with pairs setting up nesting territories in new areas and adding new territories near established nests. They are doing so well we're have trouble keeping up with them we need all your help tracking the continued growth of the population!

We need to collect as much information as possible without being overwhelmed by it. PGC has developed a survey map where you can put your data, to improve the ease with which you can share information with us. If you with a smartphone, you can enter your data while looking at the nest, eliminating the need to remember to submit the information once your day has moved on to other activities. Additionally the map fills in the nest name based on where you indicate the nest is on the map, you don't need to know nor can you fill in the site name manually.

If you've checked on any eagle nests this year, please take a moment to enter your observation. The map,, is fairly straightforward you'll need to enter who you are, what you saw and when and drop a point of the map for the nest you checked on. The form will populate the nest name based on where you drop your point. Please don't assume a point on the map is in the wrong place, you may be looking at a different nest. If you happen to check on a nest that doesn't appear on the map, that's ok. This map has been in development for a little while and not all the nests have been added yet. If you think your nests should already be on the map but isn't please put something to that effect in the notes section. We'll get the nest locations updated as soon as possible but with eagles doing so well in PA the map will always be a bit out of date. We're very lucky to have this problem!!

Please let me know what works well and any problems you have. I will share any technical concerns with our Automatic Technology staff.

Thanks for all your help,

Patricia Barber
Endangered Species Biologist
Pennsylvania Game Commission
2001 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9797
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