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Peter: Wow I never thought of it that way. I just see it as another reward from restoring habitat. This location was a back-swamp ephemeral wetland named Tar Slough in the 1800's until the Levee Board ditched and drained it in the 1930's. It was a flood prone poor cow pasture (because of its hydric soil) from then until I restored it to a managed wetland five years ago. It now holds wetland birds at all seasons, breeding Common Gallinule, Wood Duck, and Black-bellied Whistling Duck now, thousands of ducks in winter and in migration, and over its surface feeding grounds for swallow, phoebes and Mississippi Kites. It is in my son's backyard, lucky guy, so I may start a yard list for my grandchildren. It might be their first listed bird. Masked Duck would really be a good start to a list.

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And if I understand your post, this is land you own, making it qualify as a yard list bird.

The only Masked Duck on a yard list in US history?


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Labird: I was delighted to discover a Masked Duck, apparently female, this morning in one of my managed wetlands in Caddo Parish. Photos are on the Pinola Conservancy Blog:
If accepted this will be only the 5th state record for this species which does occasionally show up outside of its range. The most recent LRBC listed record is 1992 and regionally, was at Hackberry Flats in Oklahoma last year.
Anyone who would like to try to see it this week or weekend may email me directly.
Photos can be viewed on the Pinola Conservancy web site blog:<7CPYAUKEY...>%7C01612d2a932c45a3935608d5db9fc08c%7C31d4dbf540044469bfeedf294a9de150%7C0&sdata=h62jWQjR3Bh64EUXs7I6HFybzJJjQiHnwZD%2FZ4vjQRQ%3D&reserved=0<<7CPYAUKEY...>%7C01612d2a932c45a3935608d5db9fc08c%7C31d4dbf540044469bfeedf294a9de150%7C0&sdata=h62jWQjR3Bh64EUXs7I6HFybzJJjQiHnwZD%2FZ4vjQRQ%3D&reserved=0>

Paul Dickson
Caddo Parish

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