Date: 6/26/18 4:19 pm
From: Steve Walter <swalter15...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Roseate Tern Banding and Aging Follow Up
After submitting last week's Nickerson Beach Roseate Tern bands, I got back
the official information today. There's a correction to the preliminary
info. It turns out both birds were banded as chicks two years ago. So that
"second summer type" bird (Y11) is indeed two years old, not three as
previously reported. In fact, the actual banding date was June 26, 2016 -
two years ago today. So I thought it was important to pass that along. With
all the people now studying terns, I don't want misleading information out

Not that there can't be older birds with incomplete adult plumage, but I'm
getting the sense that it's more likely to find two year old birds in full
adult plumage (but not breeding yet). I say this because today there were
two more adult birds, again with blue bands (J03 and J76). Since this is the
first year that I'm seeing these kinds of bands, I'm going to assume - until
I definitively find out otherwise - that such banding began two years ago.
So I'm assuming today's birds are two year olds that are roaming around (as
opposed to birds that should be on the breeding grounds, providing new
chicks for blue bands to be placed on).

There was also a "second summer type" plumaged Roseate, with more extensive
white on the forehead than Y11. At first I thought of the possibility of a
first summer type. But a closer look at the rest of the bird dissuaded me on
that. This one is not banded, so I won't know for sure from banding data.
But I will get to enjoy untainted pictures of a different looking Roseate
than I've gotten before. I've added one picture to the bottom of my Recent
Work page, along with the 5 Common Eiders that I think were previously
reported. No picture of the male Surf Scoter or the Bottle-nosed Dolphins
(even though I think I actually got enough of one to get its eye out of the

Steve Walter

Bayside, NY


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