Date: 6/26/18 2:38 pm
From: janna pauser <jannapauser...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] White-tailed Kite fledglings and Bald Eagles
Yesterday, June 25, a WHITE TAILED KITE fledgling was seen from the
Alamitos Creek trail along Queenswood Way. An adult was at the nest tree
to the west and flew to the calling fledgling.

Today, June 26, a thick fog bank stopped me at Fortini where I found
three WHITE TAILED KITE fledglings together above their nest. I could
actually see the nest from the abandoned Hernandez Ranch property along
San Vicente. RUFOUS CROWNED SPARROWS were heard only at the Stile Ranch
trail head which was otherwise quiet. A pair of WTKI was seen from
WESTERN BLUEBIRD. BREWERS BLACKBIRDS were feeding nestlings in the row
of Italian Cypress along Fortini Road. Dozens of birds nest in these
trees each year.

Calero Reservoir has more water now and the island is covered. It's
perfect for the nesting grebes.  I found another WESTERN GREBE on its
nest from the picnic area today. The BALD EAGLE was on his snag perch
overlooking Cherry Cove. An adult GOLDEN EAGLE flew over the hill at
Bailey towards Coyote Valley.

The fog had retreated so I continued on to Chesbro Reservoir. As I drove
along the reservoir an adult BALD EAGLE flew past towards the south.
Near where the high tension towers cross the reservoir I spotted the
leucistic BALD EAGLE in flight, headed in the opposite direction. I
turned around and stopped at several pullouts but was unable to find
either eagle again. I passed a pair of WESTERN KINGBIRDS perched on a
fence and saw one YELLOW BILLED MAGPIE. There's a big nest on one of the
towers which I suspect was used by Red-tailed Hawks.

I stopped at Calero Reservoir again on the way home and found the adult
BAEA still on the same perch. New here was a family group of BULLOCKS

Janna Pauser
San Jose

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