Date: 6/26/18 12:55 pm
From: Peter H Yaukey <PYaukey...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Marbled Godwit New Orleans Southshore Harbor
I was able to drive in via the Marina access road, outside the levee.


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Thanks Peter--interesting location and date for the godwit.

You can see the mudflats from a floodwall cross-over on Haynes across from Deanie's. Sometimes the road to the old casino boat landing from Lakefront Airport (in other words, outside the levee-floodwall) is open as well. Unsure of current status.

Please use the Southshore Harbor Hotspot for the whole harbor including the mudflats--for details of occurrence see:<7CPYAUKEY...>%7C82edb66268284f86bc3408d5db8dae32%7C31d4dbf540044469bfeedf294a9de150%7C0&sdata=jz3sfaK3EeBLfiiejtd8XJJ0NYJMbimVTs4EhJWFZe0%3D&reserved=0

Everything depends on tide levels in the lake, but many of the loafing birds, including shorebirds (Black-bellied and Semipalmated, Dunlin, Least Sandpipers regular in winter, with occasional Ruddy Turnstone, Sanderling, Willet and bigger surprises)-- retreat to the rock jetty when the tide is higher. Nowadays it is the best and often the only place to find "beach" shorebirds in New Orleans.

David Muth
New Orleans

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The mudflats at Southshore Harbor (which is just east of Lakefront Airport) were loaded with birds today around 10:00 AM, including a Marbled Godwit (rare in New Orleans) and a Black-bellied Plover.

There were around 100 terns of five species (the expected ones) on the flat, plus 3-4 Osprey in the immediate vicinity and good selection of herons and egrets in the adjacent shallows.

Nearby, the Pontchartrain Park rookery is still jumping, with the same nine species as usual present.

I think there must be a rooftop nesting colony (probably Least, Gull-billed, and Skimmer) on the Industrial Canal somewhere, but haven't had a chance to track it down.

Peter Yaukey

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