Date: 6/26/18 6:48 am
From: Frank Lehman <fmlehman...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Chuck-Will's Success
Dear List,

Thank you everyone for your numerous replies to my inquiry yesterday about
locating Chuck-Will's-Widows in Southern MA. I don't have time to respond
individually to each message, so consider this my blanket expression of
gratitude for the helpfulness of this whole community!

With everyone's advice, I was able to successfully listen and even briefly
see this fascinating species yesterday night, right along the power-line
corridor in Plymouth, just south of 300 Little Sandy Point Road. It was the
perfect night for this bird: clear, cool, still, and with a big bright

I wasn't the only one with this goal bird in mind. I found myself
accompanied by five other birders, and together we were delighted to hear
the Chuck's, which began singing at almost exactly 8:36 PM. At one point we
clearly heard two singing simultaneously, and there were also several
Whip-Poor-Wills joining the chorus a few minutes after the Chuck's.

eBird report here: *

Happy birding!


Frank Lehman,
Assistant Professor of Music, Tufts University
Author, *Hollywood Harmony: Musical Wonder and the Sound of Cinema

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