Date: 6/26/18 1:54 am
From: Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Lang Rd. Richmond
On Sunday I decided to explore a dirt road in my home I decided to explore
a dirt road in my home town of Richmond called Lang Road.

My first stop was at a wooded swamp. I heard Veery and Overbird here, but
opther than a glimpse of an unidentifiable warbler (a hopping silhouette
hidden by leaves) I saw nothing.

My next stop was a marshy area. This spot was rich in birds. Upon seeing
swamp sparrows I tried to chip call them into the open. This riled up the
yellowthroats, at least four of them were their in various bushes. In
addition to Swamp Sparrow and Common Yellowthroat I saw Pine Warbler, Red
Winged Blackbird, Barn Swallow (odd looking, they had pointed forked tails
like a barn but lightish patches on their back like a cliff swallow), great
crested flycatcher, and eastern kingbird. Among the calls I could recognize
were blue jay, and black capped chickadee. I could hear some unidentified
baby birds calling in the woods behind me. I also heard a woodpecker
drumming and some very odd call from the woods that sounded like a low
pitched chicken.

It was getting late by my last stop, a wooded area called Quint Preserve. I
did not see anything here other than chickadees, but I heard the calls of
veery, ovenbird, great crested flycatcher, evening grosbeak, and a few I
could not identify.

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