Date: 6/25/18 3:40 pm
From: Terry Bronson <tbronsonbirds...>
Subject: Jackson County--Pine and Cerulean Warblers, Osprey, Summer Tanager, DC Cormorant
I spent the entire day birding 4 locations in this very underbirded county.
I'd planned on a fifth, but I got lost once and ran into a lengthy detour
that ate up an hour, so I ran out of time. Many highlights.

Rollins Lake:

Great Blue Heron--1
Green Heron--1
Warbling Vireo--1
Cliff Swallow--1 gathering grasses and flying off to a nearby nest under
construction. Seems kind of late.
Orchard Oriole--4
Baltimore Oriole--1

Foster Ridge Road, where a logging truck or dump truck passed through about
every 15 minutes:

Eastern Wood-Pewee--3
Yellow-throated Vireo--2
Wood Thrush--5
Hooded Warbler--2
Northern Parula--1
Pine Warbler--2
Yellow-breasted Chat--1
Field Sparrow--4
Scarlet Tanager--2, including a begging juvenile
Indigo Bunting--1

Woodrum Lake, County Road 19 access:

Yellow-billed Cuckoo--1
Acadian Flycatcher--1
Wood Thrush--3
Common Yellowthroat--1
Cerulean Warbler--1
American Redstart--1

Frozencamp Lake:

Double-crested Cormorant--1 immature
Green Heron--1
Eastern Kingbird--3, including 2 juveniles
Cedar Waxwing--4
Blue-winged Warbler--1
Common Yellowthroat--1
Yellow Warbler--2
Yellow-throated Warbler--1
Summer Tanager--1

Terry Bronson
Vienna, WV
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