Date: 6/25/18 3:22 pm
From: Matthew Jung <mpjung5125...>
Subject: Rose Lake & Hefner
Run into Bill Diffin today along Sarah Road, just south of Rose Lake.

There, in a flooded meadow, I counted 62 Cattle Egrets feeding. Three
Franklin's Gulls were in the same field and some TBD shore birds. At Rose
Lake proper I had 2 Black-necked Stilts, 8 Little Blue Herons (3 in juvenal
plumage), about 10 Snowy Egrets, 1 each Great Blue Heron and Great Egret.
Last week Thursday (6/21) I photographed 6 dark ibis at Rose Lake but saw
none today, Bill said he saw one today.

Along NW 63rd, just west of the turnpike overpass, was a singing Bell's

At Lake Hefner was one Marbled Godwit on a spit of land directly east of
the inlet (my photo is poor but diagnostic). All other birds were as
expected. I've been chasing a Baltimore Oriole there (inlet canal) the past
5 days with camera in hand, seen it twice but no cigar yet.

Water is rushing into the lake at a good rate!

Matt Jung, OKC

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