Date: 6/25/18 1:14 pm
From: Harvey Tomlinson <oddbirdsin...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Mystery Tern/Gull
Hi Jersey Birders,
During my tour around Brig's Wild Life Drive today I found and photographed
(distant shot) a Tern/Gull that I dare put a name to.
My gut feeling while I watched this bird was that it was a tern, but
Bonaparte's Gull was also entertained due to the dark ear patch.
It preened for awhile and then napped out.
It is in a basic plumage.
When you look at the pic on my Flickr the most obvious thing is how pale
this bird is. Even the primaries I could see were the same pale white.
Notes taken:
Same average size as a Gull-billed tern. (right foreground in Flickr pic)
Smaller than a LAGU
Patchy gray wash across the head with a distinct black ear patch. (similar
to basic plumage LIGU)
Small black bill. Pale overall including primaries.
Dark legs.
Either a very, very pale basic plumage Bonaparte's Gull or a basic plumage
White-winged Tern.
Either one an odd bird for Brig this time of year.
I waited 40 mins to see if it would fly and finally got eaten alive and had
to move on. !
If you head to Brig for the Spoonbill (which I didn't see) or the Avocet
keep an eye out for this bird.
It was roosting with others along the N dike. inner side
Good Birding,
Harvey Tomlinson
Del Haven, Nj

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