Date: 6/25/18 12:08 pm
From: Stephen Shunk <steve...>
Subject: [COBOL] Sisters area woodpecker update
Yesterday, Sue Tank and I birded at Camp Polk (briefly) and along Indian
Ford Ck. Most of the known nests are still pretty active. I am still
analyzing my sapsucker photos, so positive IDs are not complete yet. Many
of the nests below seem to have up to 2 weeks before fledging; adults
are feeding
from entrance but still fully entering cavity to clean, most young not
visible at entrance. Here is a summary:

Camp Polk: The White-headed (WHWO) nest in the juniper along Camp Polk
Rd--Hindman Spring area--may have fledged. The adults were still active 2
weeks ago, but the nest was quiet then, usually meaning incubation or very
small nestlings. I would have given them at least 2 more weeks, but the
nest was quiet yesterday. It is possible the nest was depredated by a

Calliope Crossing: Still several active nests here, listed in order going
upstream from #1.
(1) 'Reddish' Sapsucker (ReSA) nest inside cattle lease and next to aspen
exclosure; this may be a hybrid (SAPX) mated to a Red-breasted (RBSA), or
it may be 2 SAPX. Frequent visits by both adults; nestling(s) audible and
up to 2 weeks to go before fledging.
(2) 1st Downy (DOWO) nest, high in an aspen snag; both adults visiting
frequently, nestling(s) audible and at most a week left before fledging.
(3) Flicker (NOFL) nest that was tucked in here appears to have fledged. At
least 1 fledgling seen following an adult around and lots of vocalizing.
Since a troupe of fledglings was not seen, there may still be some to
(4) Williamson's (WISA) nest in aspen has active adults and audible
nestlings. Under 2 weeks to go before fledging.
(5) 2nd DOWO nest in a spindly lone aspen snag, entrance below eye level.
Male seen visiting frequently and nestling(s) audible. At most 1 week to go.
(6) 2nd ReSA nest is still active with both adults visiting and audible
nestling(s); this nest appears to be a SAPX mated to a RBSA. At least a
week to go before fledging.
(7) 3rd ReSA nest is the only one I have seen this year with a 'pure'
Red-naped Sapsucker (RNSA). The female RNSA is mated to a RBSA; the nenest
st is active and audible, and there are several other cavity nesters very
close by. As several above, up to 2 weeks left before fledging.

Indian Ford Creek, 305 Rd (6/24): This is across the highway from Indian
Ford CG, FR 300 to the end of FR 305, where it ends at a dispersed campsite
along the creek (which was occupied yesteday); the nest contains 2 likely
RBSA, one of which is the leucistic bird seen and reported by others. It's
harder to hear nestling(s) due to tree distance, nest height, and creek
noise, but begging sounds are audible and both adults are still visiting
frequently. Probably 1-2 weeks to go.

I'll be out and about repeatedly over the next couple weeks and will report
when I can. Timing is still very good for woodpecker viewing at the nest
sites, so get out there!
Steve Shunk

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