Date: 6/25/18 11:30 am
From: bill drolsbaugh <00000046cda72c3b-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Microwaved Ospreys How do they stand it ?? Sharon Pa Mercer County
For 2 years now we have had nesting Ospreys here in Sharon Pa very near  the SHENANGO river  on Budd street rt next to the Sharon city garage    The huge cell tower has 3 big arrays on it and 3 power generators  at its base   Which makes me think there is a lot of energy coming out of it   I know that the electrical microwaves are dangerous and I was wondering if any one would know if these birds can withstand the output   They the Ospreys are nesting on the very top of the tower and well may be out of the electrical field  emanations  its amazing  to see.    I have an apt on the 6 th level of at the RIVERVIEW Manor a quarter mile away    and can see the nest profile clearly with my 20x60 scope    There were 3 chicks  one vanished  not long ago  and the remaining 2 chicks are getting ready to try out their wings soon    are we going to have Xmen type ospreys someday ??Will mutations show up???     Bill Drolsbaugh Mercer Co Pa
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