Date: 6/25/18 9:03 am
From: Fairfax Hutter <savoirfairfax...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Best spots for blue winged warbler within 2 hours from Philly?

Just got a woman from LA her lifer Blue-winged Warbler (BWWA) at Baldpate Mt Preserve yesterday!

Baldpate shouldn’t be more than hour away because you can see Center City, Philadelphia from its summit. You can drive to just before top. Baldpate is near the Delaware River just above Titusville, NJ south of Lambertville. Restrooms by mansion near top.

That BWWA was singing regularly as late as 1 PM. About 9 BWWA territories at Baldpate. This one was above the driveway on the left just beyond the last ~6 parking spaces. More BWWA along driveway near telephone line cut, in old orchard just above mansion, and beyond both sides toward old fields by Tenant Farm.

While singing a lot, we played bit of a “cat and BWWA game” trying to see it till flew out onto branch and perched in open. Another BWWA at Mercer Meadows in Lawrenceville NJ but it’s been hiding in shrubbery under leaves and only one or two pairs (that I know of) this year. Seem to be little more retiring now than in May.

Pleasantly surprised yesterday how many other warblers were still singing and out in open at Baldpate with good views:

Chestnut-sided, Hooded, Pine Warbler, Redstarts, Black-and-white, Common Yellowthroat. Had I ventured further would have had multiple Worm-eating (seen earlier this week), and Yellow.

Baldpate has about 15 species of breeding Warblers with some rarities. For more:

Unfortunately PennEast Pipeline (natural gas) proposes to cross Baldpate lengthwise for ~2.5 miles but Washington Crossing Audubon is doing what it can to stop this travesty—NJDEP can and should stop this cold.


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> On Jun 25, 2018, at 10:58 AM, Shea Tiller <sheagordontiller...> wrote:
> Greetings all.
> Does anyone have information on the best locations for blue winged warbler
> within 2 hours (a little over two hours is fine) of Philly? I should have a
> full day available for birding a few days from now, and I’d like to
> ascertain if there are any spots where I could get them this late in the
> breeding season.
> Preferably I would be able to have a shot at getting eyes on the bird, but
> I know this can be hard at all locations in late June.
> Thanks and great birding!
> Shea
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