Date: 6/25/18 4:33 am
From: Harold A. Yocum <drhal2...>
Subject: Re: HOT SPOT!!!
Take old Route 66 ( that goes along the north side of Lake Overholser) and on west along the north side of Yukon ( just west of the Kirkpatrick Expressway) to Sara Road. Turn right on Sara Road ( north) and follow it north until it turns into a gravel road.
The large wetlands on the left(west) side is Rose Lake.
With all this rain it will be full of water now and really look like a “lake”. As it slowly dries up it becomes a large mud flat for the most part. Many shore birds stop there/ stay there/ feed there.
Hal Yocum

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> On Jun 25, 2018, at 6:13 AM, Brett Niland <bestguess...> wrote:
> Will be in OKC today. Would yo mind providing directions to this spot? Having trouble locating on a map.
> Thank You,
> Brett Niland
>> On Jun 22, 2018, at 6:31 PM, Jerry Taylor <j.taylor143...> wrote:
>> Sharon, thanks for the heads up. Marilyn and I went out there after lunch
>> today and it was great. We got 24 species including 16 Little Blue Herons,
>> 10 Snowy Egrets, 12 Cattle Egrets and 7 Dark Ibis (I think they were Glossy
>> Ibis but not 100% positive.) But the real treat was all the baby Mallards
>> and Canada Geese. You made our day. :)
>> Jerry Taylor
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>> Just now huge number of wading birds at Rose Lake north of Yukon on Sara
>> Road. Ibises, little blue herons and others some with unusual plumage. Call
>> if you need directions.
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