Date: 6/24/18 8:35 pm
From: janna pauser <jannapauser...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Almaden Lake 6-24
Almaden Lake always has something of interest and wasn't crowded at 8:30
this morning. The continuing SPOTTED SANDPIPER pair was seen on the
small island where they may be nesting. Two GREAT BLUE HERON'S fledged
from their island nest and were hunting side by side. The PACIFIC SLOPE
FLYCATCHER nest seen on a field trip on the 13th was empty now. Across
the pedestrian bridge a young begging BROWN HEADED COWBIRD was
repeatedly fed by a PSFL. A HOODED ORIOLE pair fed young in another
active nest also on the west side. Nearby I watched a BLUE GRAY
GNATCATCHER with a feather fly to a nest high in a recently trimmed
Pepper tree. I just happened to be in the right place to follow it to
its hidden nest. The COMMON MERGANSER female has just three remaining
young now. Two male GREAT TAILED GRACKLES were calling loudly from the
crowded island bird sanctuary. Recent arrivals here were two BELTED
KINGFISHERS. An adult SONG SPARROW fed a streaky dark fledgling and a
young NO. FLICKER called repeatedly from a tree. All this and more right
at the lake.

Janna Pauser
San Jose

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