Date: 6/24/18 6:56 pm
From: Tom Lawler <tjlawler...>
Subject: [COBOL] Your COBOL Administrator Forwarding a Request
COBOL Subscribers,

I’ve decided this is a worthwhile request to pass on to COBOL subscribers. Not only that she asked nicely! I forwarded her note instead of her sending it directly to the list. This way you know it is not just SPAM. Teresa Wicks is asking for birders to help her with her PhD dissertation. It sounds like an interesting project and would be nice to help her out. If you would like to help her out please do. Otherwise you can just ignore this. The note she sent me follows.

COBOL Administrator

I am reaching out to birders across Oregon to participate in an online questionnaire for my dissertation. I am studying ecoliteracy and motivation in participants in avian community science projects, such as the Christmas Bird Count. Would it be okay for me to send my recruitment email (included below) to the COBOL listserv members?

Dear Oregon Birder,
As part of my dissertation research in the Environmental Science department at Oregon State University, I am seeking Oregon Birders, 18 and older, and who participate in bird-related Citizen Science projects to participate in my research study titled, “Understanding eco-literacy among Oregon avian Citizen Science participants: Can birds teach participants about fire?.” You are receiving this email because you subscribe to one or more bird listservs in Oregon, participate in a local Audubon Chapter, and/or are part of the Oregon Birders Association. The purpose of this study is to examine ecological knowledge in bird Citizen Science participants.
Participation in this study requires a time commitment of 20-30 minutes to complete an online confidential questionnaire.
There is an optional confidential focus group that will require at least 60 minutes to participate in an online ranking and sorting project focused on science attitudes, identity, and ecoliteracy. If you are interested please provide your contact information to <Teresa.Wicks...>
At the conclusion of this study any data you provide will be de-identified and will not be used for any future research.
The Principal Investigator for this project is my advisor, Dr. SueAnn Bottoms, a faculty member at Oregon State University. She can be reached at 541-737-8262. If you are interested in participating in this research project, please contact Teresa Wicks at <Teresa.wicks...>

Teresa 'Bird' Wicks
PhD Candidate
Environmental Science
Oregon State University

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