Date: 6/24/18 4:15 pm
From: Joel Geier <joel.geier...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Roadkill Catbirds for Oregon listers
Lars & all,

I'm sure your directions to "drive-up" birds will be appreciated by
listers, though I was surprised by your suggestion that the local
abundance of these birds is this is some kind of new discovery.

I've had the impression that Catbirds are not at all difficult to find
in eastern and northern Union County. The Oregon Breeding Bird Atlas
shows them as confirmed breeders across the north part of the county.

I recall stopping along a creek farther south (east of Union, near
Catherine Creek State Park) in early afternoon when my son Wil and I
were heading up Catherine Creek for a backpacking trip ahead of an
Oregon Field Ornithologists annual meeting about 15 years ago. Even
though it was afternoon, we found one pretty quickly (also Veerys in
Catherine Creek State Park) in appropriate dense-tangle habitat. I seem
to recall that this species was found by multiple OFO field trips at
that meeting.

This is one of those birds that seems to pop up in every campground with
a vine thicket, once you get into Idaho or Montana. Union County has a
lot of areas with very similar vegetation to those places.

Good birding,

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