Date: 6/24/18 3:49 pm
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [COBOL] Trout Creek Bird Tour
On a beautiful day thirteen of us traveled to Trout Creek north of
Madras by way of Agency Plains in search of good birds (well good and
not so good)(but MOSTLY good).  The best finds were a nest of Swainson's
Hawks and fledgling Great Horned Owls near the OSU Ag Station.  Just
before actually dropping into the canyon at Trout Creek Matt spotted an
out-of-season American Pipit.  As we neared the BLM campground it became
obvious that there was a fire in the area.  To accentuate that problem
we were told by a carload of people on their way out that the campground
was "Being Evacuated!!"  Well, we got there and had a wonderful time
watching Ospreys, Golden Eagles, nesting Bullock's Orioles, and more. 
Oh, and fire fighting equipment (such as bucket-hauling 'choppers' and
low flying large jet retardant planes.  Matt wouldn't allow me to claim
Whirly-birds and Gas Hawks on our e-bird list.  Aww-SHUCKS!

Thanks to Matt Cahill and his great ears we were able to tick 51 species
of birds on our trip.

Birders today were Kevin Smith, Matt Cahill, Kara Jakse, Marilou Smith,
Laverda Gallagher, Patty Meehan, Toni Morisumi and Friend, John & Lynn
Brune, Nancy Boever, Kathy Persinger, and Ray Pokorny.

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